Experience is the place to be for students looking to put their academic knowledge into practice through a hands-on business experience. As such, AFC offers the opportunity to participate in a Student Consulting project, or you can get a taste of entrepreneurship by doing a short internship at a startup. In addition, we offer other stand-alone challenges in the course of the semester for students who want to prepare for an AFC Student Consulting Project or want to get in touch with the corporate world.

Do you have any additional questions? Don’t hesitate to send an email to experience@afcleuven.be, or call +32 470 56 68 80.


With a Student Consulting project you can further develop your skills through projects for companies in various sectors. For 10 weeks, you will get a taste of a consultant’s life by working on the project in a multidisciplinary team of 5 students, while tackling a corporate problem and formulating recommendations. Professional guidance and an adapted training consisting of several workshops ensure that your team successfully completes the project. The result is a satisfied company with an implementable solution and 5 satisfied students with an improved skillset. In addition to the hard work, there is also time for fun during the various team building and the members party!

Immoweb – Strategic Datamining (English)

There are 2 certainties in life: you’ll live a house and you’ll come into contact with big data – this project for Immoweb combines both! Immoweb is sitting on 15 years’ worth of real estate data and they want to commercialize it. Your AFC project team will tackle this problem in 3 stages: datamining, cost-benefit analysis and prototyping.

In the first stage of the project, your team will evaluate the value and potential of the data. Is it of good quality or can we improve that? Are there certain elements pointing to particular uses of data? What parts of the database should we focus on in the next stage?

Next, your team will research several potential ways of commercializing databases. You’ll evaluate these using a cost-benefit analysis and then determine the best possible options.

Finally, your team will use this information to research, evaluate and eventually create some use cases yourselves: concrete examples of database commercialization. You’ll present your final prototype to our client, Immoweb.

Big data is big money, but it will also be big fun at AFC!

Coca-Cola European Partners – Complexity reduction (English)

Coca Cola European Partners (CCEP) Northern European Business Unit (NEBU) is responsible for the bottling and distribution of products for Northern Europe. They have an impressive portfolio which needs to be evaluated critically with a focus on scale, production facts, inventory, … to provide room for growth. Improvements can be found by investigating how CCEP NEBU can drive cross-border SKU (a number assigned to each unique product) harmonisation. The project team should deliver a repeatable methodology and modelallowing to identify and propose opportunities for cross-border harmonisationthat can be easily updated, and potentially rolled out to other CCEP territories.