Experience is the place to be for students looking to put their academic knowledge into practice through a hands-on business experience. As such, AFC offers the opportunity to participate in a Student Consulting project, or you can get a taste of entrepreneurship by doing a short internship at a startup. In addition, we offer other stand-alone challenges in the course of the semester for students who want to prepare for an AFC Student Consulting Project or want to get in touch with the corporate world.

Do you have any additional questions? Don’t hesitate to send an email to experience@afcleuven.be, or call +32 470 56 68 80.




Macty has developed AI to help you find the exact outfit you want, with the least amount of effort. You simply send a picture of something similar and it will find it for you! It has many more tricks up its sleeve too, all designed to make online shopping easier and make sure you find the exact item you want (their website explains it very well: www.macty.eu). They are looking for someone to help with their digital marketing and someone who likes to work with data. If you choose the marketing project, you will create and manage their marketing campaign. The scope of the data analyst project goes from preparing the data before it is processed, to using machine learning algorithms to find interesting patterns in the data. However, previous knowledge is not required, only motivation and willingness to learn!


THEOPlayer is a universal video player that works on any platform and in every situation. This sounds easy, but it is not. It appears to be working quite well, as they have some impressive customers: CNN, Telenet, VRT, NASDAQ and even the European Parliament are among them. They are looking for someone to help with their marketing. More specifically, they present two projects. The first project is about a marketing e-mail drip campaign based on specific customer segments and stages in the sales cycle. You will identify the process, the flow and the messages to be delivered, you will play a leading role in creating the marketing collateral. The second project comprises LinkedIn campaigns using matched audiences and retargeting to generate new leads.