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You still have no idea what entrepreneurship entails, but you’re interested in discovering more about it? The pillar Entrepreneurship tries to help every student who’s interested in entrepreneurship discover what happens in this innovative, creative and vibrant world. Throughout the year, we organise events, during which you can come and listen to the stories of both young and more experienced entrepreneurs. These events can also be useful for students who already have a bit more experience, since they can participate in workshops, listen to the advice of successful entrepreneurs or expand their network.

For students who are particularly interested in hands-on entrepreneurship, we offer a brand new concept this year: Students@Start-ups! Since this academic year, students get the chance to participate in a start-up during one semester! Continue reading for more information.


What does Students@Start-ups entail?

How does a start-up exactly work? How do entrepreneurs manage to turn their ideas into reality? How do they turn pure motivation into a viable and sustainable business? Are you interested in discovering more about this topic, but is establishing a start-up yourself a step too far?

Students@Start-ups gives you the chance to become an active part of an already existing start-up for 8 weeks. The goal is to lift this start-up to an even higher level. That way, you get an exclusive view of how a start-up works, and that not only by observing it but also by actively cooperating with it! Don’t be afraid because we won’t abandon you to your fate: we will organise workshops during which we’ll teach you skills to bring this activity to a good end, and during the semester you’ll be followed up closely by members of AFC.

The activity starts on Monday, October 16. In case you’re interested to participate in the project or if you have questions, don’t hesitate to contact us through

Concretely, the activities during the semester will be the following:

Judging from your CV, motivation and general profile, we will pair you up with at least one other student and assign you to a start-up you’ll be a part of during the coming semester. The selection period always takes place at the beginning of the semester.

First reception
On the first meeting you’ll get the chance to get to know other students as well as the start-ups in a relaxed setting in the Creativity Lab, which you can use during the rest of the semester to carry out activities related to the start-up.

The next week you officially start as a team member of the start-up!

Two workshops will help you gain a better perspective on the vibrant world of entrepreneurship, and you’ll be taught skills that are indispensable for each entrepreneur.

Final reception
At the end of the 8 weeks, there will be a reception to conclude a successful semester of Students@Start-ups!


Next semester we will be back with new startups. Like our Facebook to stay up to date.