AFC for students


With Academics for Companies, we build a bridge between students and the business world in which they will ultimately end up. You still don’t have any clue about what you want to do after you graduate? Then grasp the opportunity to discover what the future has in store for you and get familiar with different sectors, companies and industries thanks to our activities! Next to that, we also give students the opportunity to discover themselves. What are your qualities and skills? Are you a born leader or perhaps a true entrepreneur? Or would you rather improve certain skills that will increase your employment opportunities? So come explore opportunities with our events, learn unmissable skills in our workshops and apply these skills in our student consulting projects.


Creativity Lab

Students with an entrepreneurial mind have the exclusive advantage of using the Creativity Lab of AFC. Do you want to organize an event, panel, brainstorm session,.. with the topic of entrepreneurship? Send a request to to use this space!

Location: CPR College van Premonstreit, Naamsestraat 61, 3000 Leuven